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Stockholm archipelago boat tours for family, smaller groups (1-7 passengers). Book a private boat tour in the Stockholm archipelago.

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History guided boat tour through the canal of Baggensstäket or a trip to the island of Sandhamn, Bullerön, Möja, Utö or any other destination.

This magnificent maritime archipelago landscape of more than 30,000 islands and skerries is in Swedish called the "Skärgård" (archipelago). A unique place in the world.

We offer a perfect boat sightseeing tour just for your family or travel group, when you are looking to discover the best and most beautiful parts of the Stockholm archipelago.

Stockholms archipelago starts in the city centre. Boat trips in the lake Mälaren, or out in the archipelago visting, Sandhamn, Bullerön, Dalarö, Baggensstäket etc.

Choose from booking a full day, half a day or by the hour.

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Boat trip, sightseeing in a modern boat

XO 260 Cabin, 1-7 passengers

We have a modern XO 260 Cabin from XOBOATS that can take up to 7 passengers. The boats Captain have a Swedish Captain license (Fartygsbefäll klass VIII license). The boat have seating possibilities inside the cabin as well as in the stern with sofas. In the bow, there is also seating to relax on in good weather conditions.

Stockholm archipelago boat tours

Sightseeing in Stockholm archipelago

History guided boat tour through the canal of Baggensstäket

Maybe an historical boat sightseeing in the Stockholm archipelago. For example, a boat tour through the canal of Baggensstäket, with an history guide of the canal. (picture to the left, the "Skogsömonumentet" over the battle 1719 against Russia). Maybe also a visit to the museum "Hamn" on the way; https://hamnmuseum.se/en/

From the museum Hamn; "On August 13, 1719, Swedish and Russian troops fought in the Battle of Stäket during the Great Nordic War. The Swedes described the battle as a Swedish victory – while the Russians pronounced themselves as victors. Thanks to archaeological excavations and new studies of archival material, a different interpretation of the battle has been brought to light."

Stockholm archipelago boat tours

Sightseeing in Stockholm archipelago - Sandhamn

Sandhamn is a beautiful island in the outer part of Stockholm’s archipelago

This tour takes you through some of most scenic parts of the archipelago towards the island Sandön (called Sandhamn) which has a long history as a pilot base, and a centre for sail racing and pleasure yachting. It is located in the eastern outer archipelago and is a picturesque place. There is plenty to see and several gift shops, pubs and restaurants. A peaceful walk around the island is very relaxing. The island also offers the beach "trouville" with its white sand, the beach is on the east side of the island, about 20 minutes' walk from the harbour.

More information about Sandhamn; https://www.destinationsandhamn.se/en/


Stockholm archipelago boat tours

Sightseeing in Stockholm archipelago - Birka in Lake Mälaren

Birka the Viking City on the island Björkö

From the Birka Vikingcity home page;

"Welcome to Birka, regarded as Sweden’s first city. The Viking City of Birka is situated on the island of Björkö in Lake Mälaren, Birka was one of the most important trading centers for Vikings. On the island you can go strolling in the cultural landscape, join a guided tour of the archaeological fields and visit the Birka Museum. You can also visit the reconstructed Viking village with its typical forges and weaving cabins."

More information about Birka;